Everything happens somewhere.

GPS is not always going to be the best way to locate your assets. Battery consumption, cost and accuracy all matter when choosing the most appropriate tracking system. With Atlas, the geolocation line offered by Sigfox, you will find the right balance.

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A game changer for the industry.

Avoid loss

Losing assets directly impacts profitability.


Location data can be used for new revenue streams and pricing models.

Maximum usage

Tracking containers via IoT technology can improve utilization by 10-25%.

Improve customer satisfaction

Avoid service interruption.

Optimize stocks

Real-time data can aid in procurement decision making.

Define boundaries & responsibilities

Knowing when an asset has been transferred is very important for liability reasons.

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Atlas Native. Global & compatible with all devices enabled by Sigfox. 

If you don’t require precise locations, have other tracking priorities such as maximizing battery life or ensuring inventory has arrived in a particular site - or simply want to use Sigfox’s services as a back-up GPS or Wi-Fi geolocation - Atlas Native is for you. Enable Atlas Native and access asset location without investing in infrastructure.

Atlas Wi-Fi. Seamless indoor & outdoor location worldwide.

If you need to improve visibility across your supply chain you’ll require location accuracy. If your products are equipped with Wi-Fi modules, Atlas Wi-Fi can detect the Wi-Fi hotspot MAC addresses attached to each product and convert them into location information. This data will then be backed with our Atlas location service requiring no Wi-Fi hotspot to operate.


Atlas Bubble. Detect your assets via Sigfox’s beaconing solution [BETA]

If knowing your asset is somewhere within your premises is not enough, Atlas Bubble will suit you best. Sigfox Bubble attaches to individual assets and signals precise location information.

Major companies are already reinventing supply chain management and asset & people recovery.